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Incoming patients are given a complete physical exam and evaluation. Injuries and illnesses are treated by a trained wildlife rehabilitator who is also a certified veterinary technician. Consultation with one of our veterinarians is available as needed. Appropriate housing and food is provided according to the species, age and health. Animals that stay for an extended time to recuperate are housed in an outdoor habitat. Meals are a mix of wild food and domestic foods to give them the nutrition they require to be strong and ready for release. It is illegal to have any wildlife unless you hold state or federal permits. Fear of humans is essential to the animal’s survival. Imprinting or habituation with humans and domestic animals presents a fatal danger to a wild animal.

What is wildlife rehabilitation?

what to do
if you find
injured wildlife.



If you have found an orphaned or injured wildlife animal, put it in a clean container. Always use gloves, a towel, or another barrier for your safety. Keep the animal warm in a quiet area. Do not feed. Contact us to make arrangements for care.